In terms of fiscal and regulatory aspects, companies are facing an increasingly complex scenario, at a stage where globalisation and technological innovation are redefining the structure of the economy.

To face such a challenging context a reliable and professional partner is necessary, to present quick and efficient solutions e for the multidisciplinary know-how. The Tax & Legal team of RES EXCELSA offers a complete and integrated spectrum of services in all the main areas of taxation and company law through specialised working groups for any of our customers’activities and sectors.

I nostri servizi

Tax Litigation
The current economic context is characterised by a progressive prevalence of financial administration controls. Increasing importance is given to the careful management of the different steps in which tax assessment is articulated and as well as the next litigation stage; it is important for the preservation of corporate and personal property, or for defending business models adopted by the companies. The RES EXCELSA approach aims first and foremost to deny the beginning of the litigation. This goal is achieved through a preliminary evaluation of the risks of the dispute/controvert regarding major transactions, or during the verification phase, by guiding management to handle the relationship with the financial administration.

IVA and indirect tax

International Taxation
The globalisation of business makes it necessary to consider the transnational/ international dimension of taxation; its proper management is crucial both for the multinational companies that operate in Italy and for the Italian companies that are trying to expand abroad. Companies need to operate in accordance with tax laws of the different countries in which they invest, and also have a fiscal strategy aligned both with corporate structures and with operative and business models.
Our highly specialized team is able to assist you in the analysis of the international structure of your business, to evaluate related fiscal profiles, such as – for example – those related to the corporate ownership, transnational structuring of fundings, or investments and disinvestments.

Transfer Pricing
The importance of managing transfer prices in compliance with the values of free competition and trade become an increasingly essential element of corporate activities, in a scenario like the current one is characterized by important dynamics of globalization that determine increasing numbers of transnational and intragroup operations. In order to face the variety of related transfer pricing themes, RES EXCELSA has created a multidisciplinary team, dedicated and specialized, formed by highly qualified and competent professionals in different fields (Tax advisor, jurists, functional analysts, financial analysts etc).

Legal Services