Highly critical elements in a corporate company are the rapid and substantial changes that characterize the current socio-economic, cultural and financial context, the continuous update of the number and variety of players and relationships on the market, and the dramatic increase of competition due to globalization.

It is therefore essential for companies to equip themselves with solid and profound competences of technical-legal and economic-commercial nature, that enables them to manage affairs in their complexity and completeness, both nationally and internationally; to achieve and consolidate a competitive advantage and maximize the economic value of their assets.

Our services:

Governance e Compliance
RES EXCELSA is at the service of corporates to define and implement an adequate and effective Corporate Governance system, with particular reference to:

  • compliance with legislative decree 231/2001- administrative responsibility of the entities for the offences dependent on crime: support in the activities of implementation or updating of the organizational, corporate management and control models; participation in the supervisory body, organisation and management of activities, accomplishment and/or support to the implementation of audits according to the monitoring approved plan.
  • Cmpliance with legislative Decree 81/2008 – Protection of health and safety in the workplace: support in the implementation and verification of proper compliance to the formal fulfilments required by the health and safety regulations in the workplace.
  • Compliance with GDPR UE 2016/679 – Legislation on protection and data security: support and assistance in the definition of a management system according to the requirements of European legislation on privacy, assessment of the adequacy level and verification of the degree alignment.
  • System of authorisations and proxies, for a formal attribution of powers that is coherent with the organizational company system.

Commercial Law
thanks to a significative experience in the commercial law field, RES EXCELSA professionals are able to assist and support the clients:

  • in the management of the commercial contracts, the definition of the agreements and their negotiation, for different types, kinds and needs: contract/procurement and administration, agency agreements, mediation and commission, sale and co-promotion concessions, distribution agreements, production agreements/contracts, including third parties manufacturing, packaging, supply and sub-supply;
  • In the detailed study of commercial law themes, with particular reference to the relevant aspect of customer protection, product conformity and liability form defective product, and to unfair/improper and/or damaging commercial practices of competition.

Intellectual Property
RES EXCELSA in able to advise during the entire process of intellectual property, from the birth of an idea to the registration and defence of deprivation, the so-called IP lifecycle. We will work with you from the identification phase of existing intellectual property rights and the definition of the best protection strategy. We assist our clients in the protection of intellectual property rights and defence in the occurrence of counterfeiting/falsification, with the technical support of skilled professionals, specialized in topics of interest.

Legal Litigation

Tax Services