We combine extensive technical expertise with knowledge of different client business sectors, by offering the necessary support to develop and achieve effective and efficient business strategies. Features that set-apart RES EXCELSA professionals are in-depth specialization, constant technical-scientific updates, teamwork, focus on the quality of the services and the fulfilment of a client’s requirements. On an organizational level RES EXCELSA activities are structured in two dimensions that reflect:

  • technical expertise in legal, fiscal and HR/ labour law matters) (e.g. M&A and extraordinary operations, transfer prices, Financial market law etc)
  • the competences in different market sectors (e.g Pharma, Shipping, Telecom, Real Estate etc.)

Our service package includes:

Recurring consulting
The complexity of rules and regulations nowadays force companies to choose a partner with a wide range of services and experience in the field, necessary to ensure and maintain a competitive advantage on the market. The in-depth mastery of administrative and tax disciplines, commercial and corporate law, the use of efficient methods and processes, constant keeping-up with new regulations, and lastly, the thorough knowledge in the sectors in which our customers operate, allows RES EXCELSA to provide constant and qualified assistance in every step of the management of fiscal and legal requirements; to handle relationships with the customers, partners and suppliers, including the public administration, with timeliness, efficacy and efficiency, from the documentation and relations aspects, to business disputes management.


Strategic consulting
Identifying opportunities and risks, taking them into account when assembling a corporate company and company reorganisation, including those that acquire and dispose of businesses and holdings, management of related fiscal and financial needs in order to make sustainable cash flow in the long term, planning an efficient exit strategy beforehand. These are all elements that add value to projects and operations of corporate structuring and restructuring, from the establishment and launch of companies, secondary offices and local units, to the management of extraordinary operations, including M&A. Expertise and integrated experiences in tax and legal fields, allows our team to provide complete, timely and efficient assistance in all aspects, from regulatory, corporate and contractual, to fiscal and financial ones.