“Quality is the combination of properties and characteristics of a product or service which gives it the ability to satisfy the expressed or implicit needs” (UNI EN ISO 8402:1995). Learning to manage quality means to acquire a competitive advantage, conquering a placement on the market which is distinct and stands out from the competition not only in terms of products and services offered but also for the operative modalities, management of resources and importance of the client. Implementing a quality management system means to implement change; to achieve all this, it is necessary to know the base culture of the company well, i.e. its characterising elements. This is because a quality management system consists of:

  • an organisational structure, with its processes, responsibilities, the procedures and resources,

but especially

  • a group of people who know what to do and how to do it, equipped with the necessary tools and motivation to accomplish it because of a common goal.

RES EXCELSA will also be able to carry out all the preparatory activities and/or related to the achievement of the certification by the accredited Institutions in accordance with ISO 90001:2015 e ISO 13485:2016.

In this mindset, RES EXCELSA has developed a complete quality management system, and offers its clients the following services:

Ability to analyse, to define the organization context, the needs of the target market, the risks and opportunities, the objectives, resources and modes of action.

Expertise in understanding company projects and drafting the necessary operative procedures.

Support in the implementation of a management system and in the registration of the documental evidence.

The Activity of coaching the staff and training for all the employees involved.

Planning of how to monitor, measure, analyse and evaluate the performance.

Programming and execution of audit activities, useful to verify the efficacy of the systems related to the set goals.

Assistance in the management of Non-Compliance as well as corrective and preventive actions.

Guidance and coordination in the management of processes for continuous improvement and growth.