During the early stages of the financing process, we commit to developing a complete set of solutions that acknowledge the entire range of debt products and financial sources. After evaluating each option, we assist Management with the implementation of solutions that are better aligned to the stakeholder targets.

Debt advisory
Our team provides assistance to companies in every aspect of their debt and patrimonial needs, helping to reach financial goals, including:

  • fundraising to support expansion or acquisition strategies;
  • refinancing existing debt structures or accessing new debt products;
  • creating value through recapitalisation or core funding;
  • raising capital in situations of financial stress.

M&A advisory
Our corporate finance experts can help you access new markets, resources, technologies, staff, intellectual properties and funding sources. We can also help you renovate the capital base of your activity removing underperforming assets or non-core components of the business.

We offer a complete selection of M & A and financial consulting services in all industrial fields, from acquisitions to fundraising. For each offer, we can access the entire selection of RES EXCELSA services, including due diligence, tax and legal advice and consulting.