A Business Model Canvas is a strategic tool, a graphic scheme, useful for developing both new business models and to improve existing ones. A company creates value for a client when it helps him satisfy his needs, accomplish a desire or solve a problem. In an economic setting characterized by fast and meaningful changes, lead mainly by digital innovation, traditional business models are becoming obsolete, and the behaviour and expectations of the Clients are constantly evolving.

Using logic “visual thinking”, the Business Model Canvas creates a kind of universal language: this allows to share and simplify complex concepts that affect the operations and functioning of the company, making them clear for everyone. It may seem like a tool for big corporation managers, but in reality, it’s an ideal tool for any business project to have a clear and defined overview.

Business Model Canvas elements:

Customer Segments

Value Proposition, the value of products or services offered for each segment

Channels, the channels to reach the client through

Customer Relationships

Revenue Streams

Key Resources, the key resources of a company

Key Activities, the key activities thought for key partners with whom the company intends to collaborate with, in order to create value for the client and an effective the business model

Key Partners/customer

Cost Structure, cost of resources, activities and key partners