An Audit is a systematic, documented and independent inspection which aims to verify compliance towards reference standards. Compliance must:

  • not by chance, but as a result of a precise organization – this is the only way results will always be the same;
  • be proven with objective evidence, collected during interviews with the staff, analysis of the documentation, observation on how the activities are carried-out.

Inspections are a way to measure Quality and can be conducted internally within the company or externally at customers and suppliers.

Our audit:

Product audit
To verify that a specific product or service has the necessary features and the characteristics to meet its purpose, and is in compliance with the specifics set by the company. The main goal is to evaluate the effectiveness of the system related to a product or specific services, by measuring the quality and finding possibilities of improvement.

System Audit
To document all the elements of a quality management system, how its implemented and its efficiency. The goal is to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of a system, highlighting eventual weaknesses and corresponding corrective/preventive actions, mining to continuous improvement.

Process Audit
To evaluate the abilities of a certain process to follow its specifications and to ensure the production of set outputs in the established arrangements. The aim is to measure the effectiveness of the system in relation to a specific process, to determine its level of quality and appropriateness, to identify possibilities of improvement.

Programme audit
To prove that a certain plan, aimed to ensure quality standards, is complete within established times and modalities, and with the established responsibilities.