The continuous evolution of methods and tools that regulate global competitiveness, and the constant growth of regulatory aspects in the economic and financial field, can lead to new challenges and risks if not managed properly. It is therefore essential to find the right balance between efficiency in processes and systems, and following accounting and tax rules, both local and international; implementing an effective risk reduction policy and an appropriate level of control.

With a team of experienced professionals that are constantly updated, RES EXCELSA offers qualified and effective Accounting services in order to help businesses:

  • meet the financial reporting requirements of the countries in which they operate, by outsourcing the activities related to accounting and tax compliance: from the management of data entry, up to the financial statements and tax declarations.

We offer integrated expertise in administration, finance and taxation, to fully support any need for compliance with laws and regulations.

Our service package includes:

Accounting services using both our accounting system and with the client’s accounting system (WEB connection), with the corresponding bank reconciliations and balances.

Preparation of periodic reporting packages (cash flow, customers and/or suppliers,etc..)

Services for the preparation of financial statements based on local regulations and consolidated financial statements and their deposit in XBRL format.

Conversion of data obtained by the Shared Service Center (“SSC”) from group accounting principles to local ones.

Preparation of accounting and fiscal records according to local regulation by interacting with SSC and managing the related tax obligations.

Process management of Withholding Tax for freelance workers and preparation of related tax obligations (F24 and Model 770)

Support in solving accounting and tax-related problems.

Management of the relationship with the auditors by answering the proposed questions.